Deadnosaur is a Legendary Zoomorph-Necro mutant which was obtained by buying Deadnosaur Prestige Pack for $99.99 USD, which contains the Basic Version, 100 Jackpot token and 14,000 Goldcurrency.


Like its name implied-a mix of two words dead and dinosaur-it appears as a zombified quadrupedal dinosaur with very big front legs and rather small hind legs.


  • Attack: Cataclysmal
  • Life: Tank
  • Speed: Very Slow


Zoomorph Jurassik Teeth

  • Damage: 615
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 923

Necro Dead Breath

  • Damage: 615
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 923


An explorer accidentally stumbles upon a splendid specimen of a dinosaur frozen in ice. He decided to thaw it and turn it into his pet... but as soon as the monster opened its eyes, decayed by millennia, it devoured the explorer! After all, hibernation does make a dinosaur hungry!


  • This mutant has higher health points than any other mutant with the same speed, with the exception of Oriax.

Possible referencesEdit

  • Needs information


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