Gold is a currency in Mutants: Genetic Gladiators which allows:

  • Buying most mutants (except basic mutants buyable with Credits or any offers with $)
  • Buying Supplies
  • Buying Credits
  • Buying of some buildings
  • Accelerating following processes:
    • Breeding
    • Incubation
    • Campaign passes gauge
    • Mutant health
  • Mutosterone level of a mutant
  • Level-up of a mutant
  • Upgrade of Evolution Center, Incubator or Breeding Center
  • Buying Map extension (optionally with Credits)


  • Acceleration is 1Goldcurrency per hour or 1Goldcurrency per 6 minutes. Goldcurrency is rounded up.
  • Mutosterone Level per 1 Goldcurrency
  • Campaign Passes gauge is 1Goldcurrency per Campaign pass
  • 1,000,000 to 200,000,000Credits per 1Goldcurrency depending on the amount of total Credits
  • Mutant price dependent on mutant quality

How to obtain

Aside from buying Goldcurrency from the shop (see the next section), there are the following ways to obtain Goldcurrency:

  • As a prize from Mutants Slots
  • Levelling up your Fame level. The Gold reward is half the Fame level achieved, rounded up, but no more than 50Goldcurrency.
  • Doing the Dailies (the highest daily reward contains 10Goldcurrency). You will have to spend a minimum of 1Goldcurrency for the "accelerate" part of the Daily, so you may gain a maximum of 9Goldcurrency per day this way.
  • Completing sections of the Bingo cards that have Gold for prizes.

Purchasing from the Shop

Gold can usually be purchased from the store in the following increments, in US Dollars:

Title Gold Cost
Pocket Money 150Goldcurrency $1.99
Gold-Bearing Collection 480Goldcurrency $4.99
Treasure Chest 1050Goldcurrency $9.99
Safe 2800Goldcurrency $19.99
Fortune 5900Goldcurrency $49.99
National Treasure 12,000Goldcurrency $99.99

These amounts do not take into account the frequent Gold Sales that are run by Kobojo, so you may find that the amount of Gold currently available for a given price point is higher, or that the price point for a given amount of Gold has been lowered. This also does not take into account special packages that frequently appear in the store that may include Gold and other items in a bundle.