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Kontiki is a Legendary Zoomorph-Mythic mutant.




Kontiki is a bipedal like chubby creature with big arms with sharp nail and scrawny legs, wearing bead bracelet and bunch of rubber-bands around his waists. He has a big smile lined with razor sharp teeth, big eyebrows, small cow-liked ears, a pair of horns and one of which is broken, there's also a tusk like tooth coming from the end of its mouth, and a big beak-liked nose. He has fur all over his body except for his face, but there's also scale only seen on his right leg and the back.


  • Attack: Destructive
  • Life: Tank
  • Speed: Slow


Zoomorph Mud Ball

  • Damage: 595
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 892

Mythic Magic Spoor

  • Damage: 595
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 892


Be careful of the wild things that you can find in the arena! Kontiki could be considered as the King of those wild things. With its mythic abilities and powerful attacks, he doesn't seem that peaceful anymore, right!


  • This mutant's design is an obvious reference to the creatures in Where the Wild Things Are.
  • This mutant was named by a fan on Kobojo's official Facebook App page. He is likely named after the Kon-Tiki expedition.
  • His name also could be taken from Hawaiian mask, the Tikis since his Gold and Platinum version wore a mask which is resembles the Tiki statues and mask.


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