Mexihcatl is a Seasonal Mythic-Saber mutant which is available in the Shop for a limited time and was released in celebration of the Mexican Independence.

A unique Silver version of Mexihcatl can also be obtained from the Dark Fantasy Reactor.


He appears to be a Huey Tlatoani, the maximum form of ruler from the old mexican civilizations. He is carrying a Macuahitl (Mexican weapon), wearing a Penacho (Mexican-like crown) and a piece of loincloth.


  • Attack: Cataclysmal
  • Life: Tank
  • Speed: Intermediate



Mythic Tenochtitlan Sun

  • Damage: 648
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 973

Saber Macuahuitl

  • Damage: 648
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 973
Dark Fantasy

Mythic Tenochtitlan Sun

  • Damage: 583 (+175 Star silver)
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 875 (+263 Star silver)(estimated)

Saber Macuahuitl

  • Damage: 583 (+175 Star silver)
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 875 (+263 Star silver)(estimated)


It is said that this famous Aztec warrior was once engaged to a princess who died after being tricked believing he was killed in a battle. To honour her he ordered a tomb to be build close to the sun. As years went by snow covered the grieving warrior and his beloved and they both transformed into volcanos. Meanwhile his ghost came to the arena to take vengeance on his opponents.


  • He's the second Seasonal Mutant after George Washington to appear in the Reactor. He's also the first Seasonal mutant to have the reactor version with Star silver.
  • In his larva, a Mexican sombrero appears, but the mutant form hasn't any kind of representative Mexican clothes.

Possible references

  • The biography of this mutant is based on the story/legend of the Mexican volcanoes: Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl.
  • This Mutant also bears a slight resemblance to Kotal Kahn from Mortal Kombat X.


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