Mimi Timebender is a Legendary Mythic-Cyber mutant which can be obtained by buying the Gold version for 3,500 Goldcurrency.


A dwarf girl riding a levitating pocket watch, supporting a floating hourglass with her right hand and holding a wrench in her left.


  • Attack: High
  • Life: Weak
  • Speed: Lightning


Mythic Good timing

  • Damage: 398
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 597

Cyber Time Attack

  • Damage: 398
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 597


For some, time is money. But for Mimi Timebender, time is an incredible power... While her opponent try to go onwards, this little creature has so many other option. Will you master the power of time?


  • As of October 19th 2018, she was reworked to increase her attack damages, but lowering her ability percentage, as shown as the infobox, from which starting at 20%, and 30% at end.
  • She has more attack and life than other mutants with 11.11 speed.


Cyber Cyber

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Mythic Mythic