Rhino Squadron is a Legendary Zoomorph-Cyber mutant. It was sold in the Shop in its Silver version for 1,400 Goldcurrency and in its Gold version for 1,800 Goldcurrency.


Rhino Squadron is muscular man wearing some sort of bulletproof vest lined with ton of armor. He also wears a rhino-shaped helmet and has a two-barreled gun turret on his abdomen.


  • Attack: Destructive
  • Life: Tank
  • Speed: Slow


Zoomorph Headlong

  • Damage: 543
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 815

Cyber Abs

  • Damage: 543
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 815


When the Federation of the South realized it could industrially produce brutal, destructive, yet perfectly obedient soldiers, it poured its Rhino Squadron on the battlefields; they appeared to be too stupid for high scale fights, but they are perfect when it comes to obeying a Psy Captain.


  • This mutant was inspired by the villain, Rhino from the Spiderman comic book series.
  • This mutant was first seen on Jordan Torak's Youtube channel.
  • The Platinum version of this mutant resembles the Shredder, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • The Silver version of this mutant is a nod to the classic appearence of the Rhino, from the Spiderman comics.


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