Sagittaurius is a Zodiac Saber-Zoomorph mutant representing the zodiac sign, Sagittarius. He was sold for 1,500 Goldcurrency in the Shop with XP Boosts during November to December.

As with all Zodiac mutants, it cannot be bred and is unable to upgrade with Stars.


Sagittaurius is a typical centaur (half man and half horse) donning a mohawk and elvish ears. He is equipped with half a bow on each forearm. The Sagittarius symbol is placed on the sash on his chest.


  • Attack: Cataclysmal
  • Life: Tank
  • Speed: Intermediate


Saber Piercing Rain

  • Damage: 662-669
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 996-1003

Zoomorph Centaur Rage

  • Damage: 662-669
  • Upgrade: Attack upgraded 996-1003


From the forest Planet of Cirlu, the Sagittaurians are a race of expert archers, with skills honed in ritual hunts they have spread out across the galaxy to find challenges. Sagittaurius arrives at the Arena to test his skills against fellow Mutants and win honor for his race.Sometimes he says to himself, I should be a rock star just look at me man!


  • Needs information


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